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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not so new heights....

From the fashion runway shows to Lady Gaga's act, you can see the craze of super high platform shoes!

This is not a new phenomenon; platform shoes have been worn for thousands of years: from the Grecian actors to this day. Adding height to someone, by means of a shoe, was an important feature of the upper classes. This trend was important for women as well as men; in the Chinese culture, men would wear boots with added height (very similar to the boots used to this day by the Chinese Opera performers). Another good example are the "chopines" used in Venice by the ladies and courtesans to prevent mud getting on their garments (these chopines are the "mother of all platforms", they had to use sticks or servants to help themselves and walk around).

Of course, we have the "Scandinavian style clog-platforms" very popular in the 70's (I loved my clogs: white with black polka dots); the Disco Era with their styles of platforms and all the glam-rockers that wore the most outrageous outfits and shoes (I was a fan of Kiss and Sir Elton John). And now, we are still using these shoes (well...not me...I have become a "flat shoe" fan after my doses of platform shoes) :)...

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  1. our poor feet! but the view is better from up there!