Sunday, April 3, 2011

The swatch thief...

Creating a library of swatches is a pastime that I have. You can find free templates in the Internet to classified your swatches and write all pertinent information; there are some on-line stores that will provide free swatches (as many as you like) or swatches for a low fee. One of such on-line store is, they specialize in Linen, Linen/Cotton, Cotton (Jacquards, canvas, printed weaves); the prices are the best I have found so far and the quality is superb. This fabric store sends free swatches and they organize them for you in a very neat way: small swatch cards (5 swatches per card) and behind the swatches, they print the name of the fabric, fiber content with number of waft and weft yarns!, and catalog number. Super cool store!

So back to the main story, last weekend I went downtown L.A. to get swatches for my project, and also, look for the new trends within the textile world. As usual, I went over my parking limit and end up paying a bit more than expected. In any event, I was pleased with my new swatches and fabric purchases. I came home and settle my fabric and swatches in my "sewing area", then I went about doing other chores.

The following morning "Bigotes"- my tuxedo cat- jumped into my bed and she had something fuzzy in her mouth...I pull out of her mouth one of my swatches! I went to check the stash of swatches and found that they were all scattered around the house....aaaagggh...I spent hours trying to find the little pieces of fabric: Bigotes hide most of them and to this day I have some pieces missing!

So, Cat lovers, be aware of your little kitties: they not only love to chew on your paper patterns, mess up your yarn balls, eat the thread, climb dress forms until they look like they had chicken pox, play with pins; but also, become a swatch thief...:0.

This is the photo of "Bigotes the Swatch Thief":

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  1. Ixchel, Swatch templates! You totally read my mind!