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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How a dressform is made

Jeanne is my new addition to my mini sewing studio (I named her after Jeanne Paquin the famous designer); she came to me via 1st price in the re-design (recycle garments) competition at the Fashion Symposium 2011. Although, Jeanne looks fabulous, I still have a emotional attachment to Maggie my first dress form (Maggie is not as fancy as Jeanne, but she is dear to my heart!).

In no time I was surfing the Internet to find out more about the history of dress forms; and, I had an interesting article on Wolf Form (US company in the East Coast) on one of my Threads Magazine issues. This company, has really high quality dress forms and they have being around since the 1900"s. They provide to designers custom made forms for their clientele and market needs.

Enjoy the video!

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