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Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Bauhaus to Il corpo dentro...

FiberArts is a textile and craft quarterly magazine that is a great resource for anyone in the fashion world: my Winter 2010/2011 issue has an excellent article on the German designer Olga von Moorende. Olga, is an artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, who is very much influenced by the German artist Oskar Schlemmer (he tought at the Bauhaus school in the 20"s). Her designs are very much like a sculpture!

Of course, I had to find more about her inspiration: the Art of Oskar Schlemmer. Besides his two and three dimensional art work, Schlemmer choreographed and designed costumes for his creation The "Triadisches Ballett" (music of Paul Hindemith). Here is a photo of the dancers in costume...amazing!

Then, further in my research, I end up watching some really cool video samples (utube) of "Il corpo dentro" (which borrows from Oskar Schlemmer many bahaus-ideas); and, find the self-taught italian artist-costume designer Sonia Biacchi. Molto bellisimo! The costumes for these dance pieces are jaw dropping...esthetically speaking, they are so well coordinated with the dance movements. I was captivated...

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