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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10,000 years ago...the first fashion designer?

Although the oldest pair of surviving shoes are 10,000 years old (in the photos), anthropologist and researchers have come out with the conclusion that humans have worn shoes for over 40,000 did they came to this conclusion? Well, they studied the bone structure of early humans, comparing the size and thickness of the leg bones and toe bones. They discovered that when early humans walked without shoes their bone structure was thicker and stronger...but a change occurred, and these humans started having thinner bones, thus it is assumed that part of this change had to do with the fact that humans were wearing some sort of protection on their feet.

An interesting fact, is that as soon as the human population grew, some could spend more time in the production of shoes and garments. This population explosion, lead to ornamental activities in clothing and shoe wear; and some sort of division of labor was established: a sector of the population was engaged in producing this kind of "fashion"...our first fashion designers?

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