Friday, September 2, 2011

Oscar Wilde Fashionista...

The Irish writer Oscar Wilde, whom I admire greatly, subscribed to the Aesthetic movement of the 19th century; this movement is known for the emphasis on the value of beauty in Art, Philosophy and Nature. The Aesthetic movement in the history of Fashion saw anything that was machine made (remember the Industrial Revolution was in full gear at this time) as ugly and undesirable; therefore, any garment produced in this manner and that was over-embellished was shunned. Also, corsets were avoided and a more "natural" look was look after. The aesthetic dress was cut looser and was worn in a comfortable way, having a bohemian look.

And, Oscar Wilde, loved to wear velvet jackets with loose pants; he was much critizided...check the movie "Wilde" is a fantastic movie with Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde...and enjoy!

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