Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The tale of the seam-ripper...a true horror story!

This story begins at midnight in a poor lighted room: while working on my second ensemble for my Fashion 130 project, and after three different solutions for the back closure of my dress (first attempt: snaps, second attempt: hook and eyes, third attempt: snap tape; non of these to my satisfaction), I decided to use a zipper.
Very diligently, I began to open the center back seam a bit more to accommodate the zipper, when suddenly I heard the noise...: riiiiiiiip... I was paralyzed and a chill came down my spine, could it be possible? Was this really happening? Maybe it was just my nerves acting out. I took a deep breath and checked the right panel of the back skirt; I did the unmentionable: I ripped the seam and part of the skirt panel, a huge slash about three inches long! When the cursing words came out of my mouth with severe intensity, my husband, daughter and cat flew out of the room to take refuge in the living room! It was impossible for me to get some sleep that night, so I waited for the morning to arrive.

A bit more calm, but still upset about the events of the previous night, I re-cut the back skirt section again, removed the damage part (this time with neurotic care and lots of light in the room!), sew the new piece; and finally, put on the invisible zipper (took me about 3 hours)...I was happy again, and my family could safely approach me.

What is the moral of this tale? Besides working with excellent light at all times, never get to close to a fashionista when upset: they have sharp tools in hand!

These photos show the end result of this tale of horror...