Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prehistoric fashion...

I came across this interesting information: Researchers from Harvard University, Israel and Georgia have discovered the oldest fibers in a Georgian cave, about 34,000 years old (carbon dating). These prehistoric fibers were twisted as thread (perhaps some sewing was happening then!) and others were knotted; thus, archaeologists have concluded that these flax fibers were weaved into cloth (linen). Moreover, the fibers have been colored with black, gray, turquoise and pink: nice color scheme! it makes you wonder how old is the human desire for ornamentation!

The first photograph is one of the fibers they found, and the second photograph is the Dzudzuana cave in Georgia were the fibers were found. Photos courtesy of Science/AAAS (cave photo) and Eliso Kvavadze (fiber photo) from the site (very good source of information).

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