Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Vault Couture...

When you are overwhelm by your own luxurious wardrobe, you must go and ask assistance of the "Vault Couture", a London base company that specializes in solutions of wardrobe cataloging and organization; as well as services such as repair of and delivery around the world of specific luxurious clothing items.

Mounissa Chodieva, the founder of this company, has turned this idea for the most wealthy clients extremely trendy. It even has an iPad application that her clients can use in case of need. There is however, a flat initial fee of 2,000 pounds for cataloguing up to 100 items. Other services run up to 10,000 pounds (platinum service) that not only catalogues your wardrobe, but stores it adequately.

Miss Chodieva claims to have all sorts of clients from Russian to Middle Eastern; moreover, men are increasing as clientele. So now you know...if you need assistance with your wardrobe...2,000 pounds will do for the first assessment!

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