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Friday, March 19, 2010


The film "Onegin" (1999) directed by Martha Fiennes (sister of Ralph Fiennes: he plays the main character Eugene Onegin), has amazing costume design! The film is based on the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin novel "Eugene Onegin"; the costumes are design by Clhoe Obolensky (Greek designer, studied in England and France, she has lots of work in theater and opera productions) and John Bright (who owns Cosprop. and worked in "The White Countess", "Sense and Sensibility" and "A room with a view" among others).

The movie is a bit slow, but the photography is incredible. It was filmed mostly in England and there are some beautiful shots of St. Petersburg (Russia), where part of the plot takes place. Towards the end, there is a scene where you can see Onegin dressing up, and you can see how he is wearing a male corset! The recreation and tailoring of the costumes are wonderful: layers and layers of clothing...the undergarments, the shirts, cravats, vests, undercoats, coats, jewelry, hats, shoes, the ladies day dresses, evening dresses and!

You can watch this movie in Netflix using "watch instantly"...I watched the last scene several times (and ends with great music as well: Beethoven's Fidelio voice quartet...): heartbreaking!

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