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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beads, beads, and more beads...what was I thinking??!!

Today I learned a lesson: beading is a wonderful technique, just make sure you have lots of time to give to it. On my Fashion 130 collection, I propose to bead the neckline of one of my designs...Well, I came to class at 9:00 am with my dress constructed and ready to be finished with the beads and details. By 10:00 am, I had accomplished only one 11:40 I had the second armhole ready...Then, I decided to take a lunch break for about 30 minutes...(I had to run to get a coffee, since I been taking medication for my sore throat and I needed a caffeine shot). At, 12:45 I decided to move on to the buttonholes (six handmade fan buttonholes)...that took my time until around 2:00 pm...I sew the handmade embroidered buttons I made a few weeks ago...and then more beads...about 3:20pm, finally, I finished the neckline...aaaahhhh...No wonder Haute Couture is so expensive...the amount of labor is immense and expensive!

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