Monday, November 7, 2011

Trendy Mexico City...

On my recent trip to Mexico City, I did the obligatory visit to malls and boutiques. As usual, all malls have pretty much the same type of department stores and boutiques.

There are two main department stores that dominate most malls in Mexico City; Liverpool is one of them and it would be the equivalent of our Macy's; the other one is Palacio de Hierro, which carries better brands, is the combination of Nordstroms-NeimanMarcus.

There are many independent mexican designers that have boutiques in these malls; as well as, the more affordable stores that are similar to Forever 21. Very prominent is Zara, they are all over the place, and includes Zara home.

The prices are the same as in United States, I was with the idea of seeing less expensive articles, but that was not the case; I was surprise.